About Us

Louzan is a Saudi and Emirati brand specialized in designing and sewing abayas, one of the pioneers of fashion and elegance in the Gulf, and has production lines inside and outside the Kingdom, also has several branches within the Kingdom; the sun of Louzan shone in 2008 to start a new phase in this field differently. It started its first steps in the city of Ta’if when it established its first branch in Qalb Ta’if complex. After that, it started to equip a special factory in the UAE, in order to meet the needs of the segment of society targeted by Louzan, the Arab and Gulf women, and in order to reach the company this plant to produce gowns with high quality under the supervision of a specialized staff. From the very first moment of Louzan, there has been an increasing demand for our various products. We have already implemented a larger expansion plan; more branches have already been established to reach 8 branches within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.